Scrape about plays during a volleyball game from the NCAA website.




the ID for the game's play_by_play data from the box score page


a data frame of play_by_play data for the specified game


How to get a game ID:

  1. find the game you want to view data for via's scoreboard

  2. open up its box score page

  3. Click the play-by-play tab

  4. Copy the string of numbers at the end of the URL from your browser's address bar.

Note: there are at least two HTML table types available from the NCAA website, and the code below handles each differently (see if statements checking for html_columns).

  • HTML table type 1 (three columns): Ohio State vs Georgia Tech, play-by-play ID: 5174968

  • HTML table type 2 (four columns): Miami vs Florida, play-by-play ID: 5172096